Men's Fashion Tips and Trends

Men's Fashion Tips and TrendsMen's Fashion Tips and Trends:

Key to looking Great all year long
Men's fashion has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Today, the key component to looking great are the accessories, particularly the neck tie. Our beautiful neckties can make any plain suit alive with color and style. The neck tie is considered the center piece of the wardrobe and adds a certain character to your fashion statement. Today's man uses any color, style, pattern design to fit their mood, style and confidence.

Picking the "Right" Tie
Some basic advice on pairing neck ties to suits. If you're wearing a solid color suit, it is best to pair either a geometric, stripe or paisley pattern. If you're wearing a patterned suit, it is best to pair a solid color neck tie or even a tie with a minimal pattern. We believe the age of the person should not matter when purchasing a tie, the focus should be displaying your confidence and style!

Proper Tie Length
What is the Proper Tie Length? Regular length ties are generally 58 inches in length. While we recommend extra long ties, which are 64 inches for men over 6'1" you may also consider other possible issues for "shorter" men who may have a portly body type, larger neck width etc. When in doubt, examine a neck tie you currently own that fits. Lay it flat on a table and measure the entire length from one end to the other, and there you have it.

Top Neckties Expert Craftsmanship
Each of our neckties is expertly tailored by dedicated craftsmen with years of experience. They take exceptional care in the manufacturing and construction of our neck ties. Most people don't realize how complex it is to manufacture a neck tie, from the design selection, to the fabric selection, selection of the interlining and tipping material. The whole process comes together with the creation of custom labels and the stitching which play a major role in the completion of the neck tie.

What is a Zipper tie?
Zipper ties for men are a marriage between function and fashion. You always have a perfect knot with a Zipper tie. Regular length zipper ties are approx. 20" in length from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie while long zipper ties are 23" in length. A zipper tie is essentially a regular tie with a pre tied knot and a zipper mechanism inside it, which allows you to adjust the width of the neck accordingly. Adjusting the zipper tie is an easy process; To start with, take hold of the small end of the tie and the knot. Once you have done so, you can slide the zipper up by holding the small end firmly and sliding the knot up. With the simple locking mechanism of the zipper tie, adjusting the tie to fit around your neck comfortably is easy. With the tie in place, the zipper will remain in that fixed position with an easily controllable yet firm grip. A perfect tie every time with a beautiful Windsor knot!

Men's Fashion Tips and Trends