Zipper ties

Zipper ties
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Solid color Zipper Ties, Designer label: Umo Lorenzo - Italy. Our zipper ties are approx. 20" in length from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie. Solid colors include Colors: Red, Silver, Black, Lime Green, Gold, Royal Blue, Navy, Olive and Burgundy.

You always have a perfect knot with a Zipper tie; where function meets fashion. Business Week reported over 100,000 Zipper ties were sold last year.

What is a Zipper tie ?

A zipper tie is essentially a regular tie with a permanent knot and a zipper mechanism inside it, which allows you to adjust the width of the neck accordingly.

Adjusting the zipper tie is an easy process; To start with, take hold of the small end of the tie and the knot. Once you have done so, you can slide the zipper up by holding the small end firmly and sliding the knot up. Microfiber

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The extra long ties I purchased are an excellent value. You have the best prices online. I just told a few friends about the great value and service you provide. Many thanks, I saved over $100 off retail prices on my last order. TL

Ties received in 2 business days. Awesome turnaround and ties are nicer than I could have imagined. Great ties - I will tell a few friends and will be back again myself. Thanks, S.L.

Neck Tie Tips

Men's fashion has changed quite a bit over the last decade. Today, the key component to looking great are the accessories, particularly the neck tie. Our beautiful neck wear can make any plain suit alive with color and style. The neck tie is considered the center piece of the wardrobe and adds a certain character to your fashion statement. Today's man uses any color, style, pattern design to fit their mood, style and confidence."

Zipper ties

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