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Cororful Long zipper ties

Cororful Long zipper ties
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Long zipper ties , beautiful colors. Black and Silver Zipper Ties with in a striped design measuring 24 inches in length and 3.25 inches in width. Brand: Bellagio - Italy. Always have a perfect knot with a pre-tied Zipper Tie ! Limited supply.

Men's Pre-Made Zipper Necktie Ties - Many Colors and Patterns. Shop Zipper ties for men with prices reduced over 50%. New styles and huge selection of men's zipper ties. Long length zipper ties are 24" in length from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie. What is a Zipper tie ? A zipper tie is essentially a regular tie with a permanent knot and a zipper mechanism inside it, which allows you to adjust the width of the neck accordingly.

Adjusting the pre tied zipper tie is an easy process; To start with, take hold of the small end of the tie and the knot. Once you have done so, you can slide the zipper up by holding the small end firmly and sliding the knot up.

With the simple locking mechanism of the zipper tie, adjusting the tie to fit your neck comfortably is easy. With the tie in place, the zipper will remain in that fixed position with an easily controllable yet firm grip.

A perfect tie every time! 100% Silk. We sell thousands !

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Cororful Long zipper ties