Colorful Artistic design Zipper tie

Colorful Artistic design Zipper tie
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Colorful artistic design crafted in a zipper tie. 100% silk. This zipper tie is 20 inches long and 3.25 in width. Last one in stock.

Men's regular length zipper neckties in premium quality silk. This very popular design with a beautiful bouquet of colors. Click on image for close up. If you never purchased a zipper tie before, our 20 inch zipper ties are pre-tied and will fit an adult between 5'7" and 6' 2". We are a New York based company and ship worldwide.

Men's Zipper Ties, regular length zipper ties are approx. 20" in length from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie and 3.25 inches in width.

Click on images to view the beautiful woven silk texture and colors.

You always have a perfect knot with a Zipper tie; where function meets fashion. BusinessWeek reported over 100,000 Zipper ties were sold last year.

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Colorful Artistic design Zipper tie